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Here, you need to take time to dive deep into your targeted audiences and create sales strategies. Bringing your product in front of the targeted customers and generating leads eventually. How to compete against cheap knock offs and how to scale exponentially are some of the factors you need to look at before launching.

Through SEO optimized landing pages, Facebook Ads and social media strategies, you can build and collect qualified leads for your upcoming crowd-funding campaign.

Setting your product apart from all noses and building up community based on the leads you got. Keep your audiences posted with news and progress of your development to make leads convert into actual purchasing at the end.

Backers want to know your story behind the brand. From crowd-funding lading page to daily social media, you need to put together the materials in the most compelling manner.

Finding the right manufacturing partner for your crowd-funding project is essential to a success outcome especially we are talking about developing brand new product from designing stage. And that’s the exact scope we are working on. In Delforu Ltd, we have a dedicated team to bring your product from ideas to manufacturing.

About us

Delforu Ltd.

Based in GuangZhou, China, we are a company that works on the manufacturing of customized products. Most of our clients are start-ups from Kickstarter & Indiegogo and we  understand the crowd-funding process. From workable prototype to production run, we are dedicated to build up the exact product that you want.


Design Validation

Validating with production team ensures your designs are feasible for both prototyping and mass-manufacturing.

Supply Chain Management

Put together the right manufacturing members to make sure the highest quality with the lowest possible cost.

Product Development

Each creative product needs to walk through a long phrase of development. Our dedicated team helps streamline this process.

Flexible MOQ

Large batch and small batch available. Essentially, we can start with the quantity you are looking for.

Start-up friendly

We walk extra miles. Partnering with industrial-leading agencies, we create the ecosystem for start-ups growing.

Quality Control

Quality outcome is essential to brand scaling. Having QC involved at developing stage, that’s what set us apart from others.


Our partners


Retailer Hub Ltd. is a company that helps connect brands directly to winning omni-channel retailers within their industry, throughout the world. Partnering with Retailer Hub, we ensure to help scale your business by bringing products in front of the right retailers.


We partner with the best crowd-funding agencies globally. Tech electronics, outdoor gears, household items…, we connect you with the most suitable agent that can turn you product into a everyone-know brand eventually.


From warehousing to delivering, we work with different shipping agents in mainland, China and HongKong. We make sure we offer the best services to our clients.


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